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etsuu's Journal

I'm Etsuu Dai Ailidh Xiao Xing Ra'id. (you may call me niko, jay or creepy, since i am.) :3 I live on Planet Bikamu'Ri and I live in the capital Hitla, District #4, 30th level room/pod 24. :D and fuck you

I am 5'2", I weight 110lbs. I am crazy. I like driving my car, It's a mitsubishi Eclipse. It's a 1998.

I have twitter, facebook, myspace and youtube. :D IDK? My Twitters post to a journal, aguywithclapbecause i don't want them to post on here anymore!

What is the point of documenting your life when you can "change it"? I don't do that, Sorry. My journal is for my OWN use. I like to look back on the good times I've had. What is the point of changing it? There are TOO many entries, I am nearing 600 entries, Do you think I want to go back and look through ALL OF THAT? No. So don't accuse me of changing my stuff because I don't talk smack anyway you little juveniles.